Diabetes symptoms in Women

Diabetes Symptoms in Women

Diabetes in women

Diabetes is a chronic disease where your blood sugar level is very high and symptoms are generally shown when the sugar level of the body elevates abnormally. This condition occurs due to improper production of insulin or processing insulin in the body and that results in improper uptake of sugar/glucose by the cells for energy production. Men and women both can develop diabetes, but some symptoms are more likely to affect women and we’ll see in detail about diabetes symptoms in women. 

Diabetes can affect people of different age, sex and race. Between 1971-2000, the number of men who died due to diabetes decreased drastically, thus showing the advances in diabetes treatment, however, the study also indicates that the death rate of women didn’t reduce. The death rate of women with diabetes was double the death rate of women without diabetes. Read on to understand the diabetes symptoms in women.

diabetes symptoms in women

Diabetes symptoms in women

Most of the symptoms are common for both men and women, but there are very few specific diabetes symptoms for women and it is important that they understand more about these symptoms in order to diagnose it at an early stage and treat it in the beginning. 

  • Vaginal and oral yeast infections and vaginal thrush: This is a condition where an overgrowth of yeast takes place and causes vaginal yeast infections, oral yeast infections and vaginal thrush. This is one of the very common diabetes symptoms in women. These infections cause symptoms such as itching, soreness, vaginal discharge and painful sex. Oral yeast function causes the development of a white coating on your tongue and inside the mouth. This white coating indicates the growth of fungus and this is caused because of the high level of glucose in the blood. 
  • Urinary infections: A woman with diabetes has higher chances of getting a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is another diabetes symptom in women caused due to bacteria and it happens when bacteria enter the urinary tract. UTIs can cause painful urination, burning sensation and bloody or cloudy urine. If these diabetes symptoms in women aren’t treated, it may result in a kidney infection. UTIs are more common in women with diabetes because their immune system is compromised due to hyperglycemia. UTI is also one of the mostly commonly overlooked diabetes symptoms in women.
  • Female sexual dysfunction: Diabetic neuropathy is another diabetes symptom in women and it occurs when high blood glucose damages nerve fibres. This can cause tingling and loss of feeling in different parts of the body, including hands, feet and legs. This diabetes symptom in women can also affect sensation in the vaginal area and results in lower sex drive.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): This is not one of those common diabetes symptoms in women and this disorder is caused due to higher secretion of male hormones in a female body and people with this condition are predisposed to getting polycystic ovary syndrome. Few signs of PCOS are irregular periods, weight gain, acne, depression and infertility. This diabetes symptom in women also causes a type of insulin resistance and that results in elevated blood glucose levels and increases the risk of diabetes.

Not all these diabetes symptoms in women are dangerous. If any of these symptoms are recurring or persistent, it’s best to discuss with your family physician before it’s too late.

In order to understand diabetes symptoms in women at different stages, read on.

Diabetes symptoms in women and pregnancy

Many women with diabetes often wonder if getting pregnant with diabetes is safe, and the good news is that you can have a healthy and safe pregnancy even after being diagnosed with diabetes. The most important thing is to manage your condition before and during pregnancy to avoid any complications. If you decide to get pregnant, it’s best that you get your blood glucose levels as close to your target range because after you get pregnant your target range may be different from before. If you have diabetes and are already pregnant or hoping to become pregnant soon, it is best that you consult a doctor about how to manage your and your baby’s health. When you are pregnant, blood glucose and ketones reach the baby through the placenta and when your blood glucose levels are very high, they affect the baby and put the baby at risk. Transferring high blood sugar to babies during their stages of development would result in conditions such as large birth weight babies, cognitive impairments, developmental delays and high blood pressure.

diabetes symptoms in women

Although overwhelming, knowing more about diabetes symptoms in women lets one not only manage but also take steps towards reversal. Read on to know more. 

Gestational diabetes Vs Diabetes symptoms in women

Gestational diabetes is specific to women, unlike type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs in 9.2 percent of pregnancies. The main reason for this is these hormones cause glucose to build up in the blood to provide nutrition to the fetus. Usually, the pancreas can produce enough insulin to manage this but sometimes it fails, causing a rise in blood sugar and developing gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes often develops later in pregnancy and most of the time, gestational diabetes goes away after pregnancy. If you’ve had gestational diabetes, it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Knowing in detail the diabetes symptoms in women, helps in managing & even reversal of the same.

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease but with the proper diet plan, regular exercise and proper medication you can definitely control your blood sugar levels. With the help of a doctor, you can definitely manage diabetes and in certain cases reverse diabetes and live a normal life. 

It’s never too late to start diagnosing Diabetes especially with such a varied range of diabetes symptoms in women because with it comes complications that will only worsen the body’s condition. Twin Health’s AI-based Diabetes reversal technology not only helps reverse Diabetes but also other chronic conditions in the long run. Sign up today to start your Diabetes reversal journey!  

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