Is Drinking Coffee Good for Diabetics?

How Is Coffee Good For Diabetics?

The new decade has brought with it a wave of new youth and adults who prefer to start their day with an old fashioned cup of coffee over anything else. However, the increased prevalence of diabetes poses an essential question: Is coffee good for diabetics?

Even though our culture has a rich heritage of being avid tea enthusiasts, coffee is slowly giving it a run for its money; and bringing with it a whole new era of health concerns. So, what is the relationship between Coffee and Diabetes?

Let’s analyze the relationship in this article.

Important Facts about Diabetes

The leading and prime culprit of various concerns within our humble subcontinent is diabetes mellitus. So if you are wondering, “Is coffee good for diabetics?” ,then this blog is for you.

Diabetes has long since plagued our lives and currently has us constantly looking over our shoulder. On the contrary, coffee coexisting in our culture holds much promise in revamping how we consume caffeine with finesse.

Trying to establish a correlation between these two seems implausible at first, but it is also the aim of this article.

Is Coffee Good For Diabetics?

Coffee and Diabetes: The truth about sugar levels

To quickly recap, diabetes is a condition where the body fails to properly regulate its blood glucose concentration due to insulin dysregulation. Due to this, the question “is coffee good for diabetics?” arises. This dysregulation of insulin may be due to the lack of proper production, lack of adequate interaction with receptors or no production at all in some cases.

Insulin is one of the hormones responsible for regulating blood glucose concentration – particularly involved with increasing the uptake of glucose into cells.

How is coffee good for diabetics then? Generally speaking, it is in the nature of food and drinks to directly affect blood sugar.

Therefore, understanding the correlation between Coffee and Diabetes is critical.

Foods rich in carbohydrates, for example, tend to increase the body’s blood sugar level up to 3 hours after a meal. And any such changes in blood sugar is a particularly crucial metric in the diet of a diabetic.

Coffee and Diabetes: The truth about sugar levels

So, the question comes back to, is coffee good for diabetics? Coffee, on its own, does not contain anything as such that we can clearly relate to either causing diabetes or being detrimental to a diabetic patient.

In contrast, several studies have shown not just correlations between coffee consumption and the prevalence of diabetes, but also indicate that coffee is one of the risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes mellitus prematurely.

Studies about Coffee and diabetes

Let’s check some stats linked to your question: Is coffee good for diabetics? A fascinating study* conducted by the University of Harvard in the year 2014 followed the lifestyle of 100,000 candidates for over 20 years.

Their reports concluded that people who increased their coffee intake by over 1 cup a day had decreased their risk of suffering Type 2 diabetes mellitus by nearly 11 per cent.

Not only that, but the converse was true for people who reduced their coffee intake – a near 17 per cent increase in risk was observed associated with suffering Type 2 diabetes mellitus. This suggests that we can think about Coffee and Diabetes together.

Is black coffee good for diabetes?

The active compound of coffee is called caffeine.This compound is also present in tea, but it is most widely found in the highest concentration in coffee or coffee-associated drinks. Caffeine behaves as a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. Is coffee good for diabetics actually?

The most noticeable effects of caffeine on the body are the sudden increase in alertness, wakefulness, and lack of tiredness. Taking advantage of these physiological changes, caffeinated drinks have become a widespread method to manage drowsiness, headache or even general laziness.

Is black coffee good for diabetes?

The concentration of regularly consumable caffeine is highest in black coffee. This raises the question – Is black coffee good for diabetes?

Caffeine is not stored by the body and hence is directly excreted as urine after being processed in the liver.

But while it stays in the body, it affects various organ systems in the form of increased blood pressure, causing jitters and tremors, etc. Caffeine also acts as a natural diuretic, thus increasing the volume and frequency of urine.

Coffee – diabetes relationship – A final overview

Apart from just its active ingredient, coffee also contains minerals such as magnesium and chromium. Now, let’s resolve your query: Is coffee good for diabetics? From another angle.

A controlled increase in magnesium intake has been linked to lower rates of developing Type 2 diabetes mellitus. However, in people already suffering from the condition, coffee and diabetes combination has been shown to decrease insulin sensitivity and can worsen the condition.

This is typically why people who suffer from diabetes are suggested to consume decaffeinated coffee in order to avail the benefits of the various components of coffee without the detrimental side effects.

Wrap up

Now, are you clear about your question – Is coffee good for diabetics? According to studies, coffee is beneficial in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes mellitus, or at the very least decreases the chance of getting the illness.

You may now combine the phrases Coffee and Diabetes. Although it is not conclusively a boon for sufferers of the condition. It is difficult to specify exactly what about coffee makes one less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes mellitus earlier than a non-consumer, yet the research remains controversial due to a lack of clear proof.

Is coffee good for diabetics really? It’s safe for a diabetic who is seeking to control his blood glucose level to limit caffeine as much as possible.

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