Is jaggery good for Diabetes

Is jaggery good for diabetes? 

According to dietitians, substituting jaggery for sugar might not be a smart idea for diabetics. They say that jaggery glycemic index is high and should therefore be avoided. Instead of sugar, they should use unrefined honey as a supplement. Since, jaggery has all other nutritional components like iron, calcium, etc., one might wonder if consumption of jaggery for diabetes is justifiable. 

Let’s deep-dive further into the topic – ‘Is jaggery good for diabetes?

jaggery for diabetes

Can diabetics eat jaggery?

Sugar and jaggery all come from the same plant source: sugarcane. Both sugar glycemic index and jaggery glycemic index, which means they are not very diabetic-freindly. Diabetic patients must consider the glycemic index of foods before incorporating them into their diet.

Jaggery is a form of sugar that is quickly consumed and can cause blood sugar levels to rise. Many diabetic patients believe that jaggery is a healthy substitute for sugar; however, this is not the case. It’s a healthy sugar substitute for non-diabetics. And, jaggery for diabetes is a big no!

jaggery for diabetes

If you don’t have diabetes, you can happily eat jaggery. The best option is to choose an organic, unprocessed variety. Jaggery, in addition to adding flavour, aids in the development of immunity. The use of jaggery is mentioned frequently in Indian culinary traditions. In the winter, for example, jaggery is combined with ghee and consumed to keep the body warm. Jaggery also aids in blood purification and liver detoxification.

Women will benefit from consuming jaggery since it relieves menstrual discomfort. It also aids in the treatment of PMS symptoms due to its high iron content.

All said and done, is jaggery good for diabetes?

Jaggery for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, jaggery cannot be used as a sugar substitute. The basic explanation is that it has a lot of sugar. Sugarcane sucrose accounts for 65 to 85 percent of the total sugar content. The only distinction is that jaggery contains complex sugars that take longer to digest. As a result, jaggery will raise glucose levels more slowly than sugar. So, that lets us bounce back to the question, ‘Is jaggery good for diabetes?

When it comes to the use of jaggery for diabetes, there has been a lot of doubt. Let’s take a look at the relation between jaggery and diabetes. It’s been said (and believed) that substituting this substance for sugar will help people with diabetes. To be honest, this is just a small relief. And, most specifically, isn’t sugar all sugar?

Jaggery is more nutrient-dense than sugar. Calcium, iron, and other essential minerals can be found in it. In that regard, it has a lower impact on the body than sugar. Jaggery also has a strange odour, which deters people from consuming it in large quantities. For sugar, however, this is not the case. So, can diabetics eat jaggery?

Sucrose, which is found in jaggery, is the source of the problem. Jaggery is steadily consumed by the body, but it is absorbed, nevertheless. It does trigger an increase in blood sugar levels. Your body would have about the same level of sugar in it as if you had eaten white sugar. The only difference is that it takes a bit longer for jaggery to trigger the spike. And, that takes us back to the question, ‘Is jaggery good for diabetes?’.

Jaggery is a simple carbohydrate as well. But for the beneficial additives, the rest of the ingredients are identical to those used in sugar. As a result, it’s not safe for diabetics and it will raise blood sugar levels.

However, jaggery is still preferable to sugar in terms of diet. There are also other factors to consider.

Glycemic index of Jaggery

Jaggery rapidly increases blood sugar levels due to its elevated glycemic index and lack of vitamin content. Simply put, if it sweetens like chocolate, it has sugar calories. Though it is commonly believed that jaggery is better than sugar, it is possible that they are the same for diabetics. However, because of its high glycemic index, jaggery is not a safe option for diabetics. The glycemic index measures how rapidly sugars in food are converted to glucose in the digestive tract and absorbed into the bloodstream. Since the GI index is 100 with glucose, the expression of the Glycemic Index is relative. That answers the question, ‘Can diabetics eat jaggery?

jaggery for diabetes

In conclusion, Is jaggery good for diabetes? Let’s see. Many ayurvedic drugs contain jaggery as an ingredient, and it also contains antioxidant properties. If you have diabetes or not, remember that balance is the secret. Even though jaggery has a different structure than sugar, it is still sugar and does not help with diabetes. Palm jaggery is another form of jaggery made from palm trees. They are thought to be better since they are not as refined as sugar and therefore can have fewer additives, preservatives, or go through refining, which is partially true. Even if you don’t have diabetes, the overuse of natural sweeteners will contribute to unintentional weight gain and raise the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases. That conclusively answers our question, ‘Is jaggery good for diabetes?

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