Take these 5 steps for Effective Diabetes Prevention

5 Best steps to take for Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes is a progressive disease that occurs when blood glucose levels are higher than the normal limit. The root cause of diabetes is found to be damaged metabolism, which is quite complex to heal.

So, how to prevent diabetes? With the onset of diabetes, our body fails to process the food to gain energy properly. If the blood glucose levels stay high for a long time, it can damage the organs.

It can also lead to stroke, heart attack, damage to kidneys, feet, gums, eyes, nerves, etc. Diabetes is the significant cause of kidney failure, blindness, lower limb amputation, etc.

Therefore, it is ideal to take efforts toward effective diabetes prevention and avoidance.

5 Best steps to take for Diabetes Prevention

Who should be concerned about diabetes prevention?

People who are genetically predisposed to Type 2 diabetes need to understand how to prevent diabetes more efficiently.

People who are 45 years and above, overweight, obese, or prediabetic are more prone to diabetes and hence they should follow these precautions. 

5 crucial steps to Successful Diabetes Prevention

For anyone seeking a solution on how to prevent diabetes, doctors advocate adopting lifestyle modifications. As the famous adage goes, prevention is better than cure; take proactive steps to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few steps suggested by renowned diabetes specialists that can curb or delay the onset of the problem.

Let us dive in to understand how to prevent diabetes effectively.

  1. Increased Physical Activity – For effective diabetes prevention, it is important to stay physically active. It has many benefits besides preventing diabetes. Regular exercise helps in lowering blood sugar levels, losing weight, & boosting insulin sensitivity, which is responsible for keeping blood sugar within normal range.
    Increased Physical Activity
    Research indicates that resistance training and aerobic exercise prove to be a big help to control diabetes.
  2. Increased Fibre Intake – Fibre intake must be increased as it helps lower the risk of heart disease and can effectively result in diabetes prevention by regulating and improving control over blood sugar levels. It also helps promote weight loss. Doctors suggest fibre-rich vegetables and fruits be added to daily diets. 
  3. Whole Grains Intake – Whole grains are very helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing diabetes risk. Half of the grains consumed in a day must be whole grains. 

    Whole grains might be a good solution to your query about how to prevent diabetes. However, you must be wary of marketing ploys since not all foods that mention ‘whole’ on their label may consist of whole grains. 

    Whole Grains Intake

  4. Shed Excess Weight – People with excess weight are recommended to tweak their diet and daily habits to best maintain their health. This helps in type 2 diabetes prevention

    Every kg dropped from your frame will add to your journey towards a healthy life. Shedding excess weight reduces the propensity of developing diabetes by approximately 60 per cent.

  5. Make Healthier Food Choices –Many people mindlessly follow fad diets, low-carb diets, and more that might initially help reduce weight but can have many side effects in the long term. 
    Doctors also emphasise that restricting or omitting a single food type may result in a lack of important nutrients for people trying to accomplish effective type 2 diabetes prevention.

    Instead, it is suggested to make portion control and including a variety of food groups an integral part of the healthy eating plan

    Make Healthier Food Choices

Now you know what 5 steps to take for successful diabetes prevention.

List of foods to add/avoid in your diet

Diabetes Prevention Diet Foods To add Foods to be Avoid
1 Fatty Fish Sugar-sweetened beverages
2 Leafy Greens Trans Fats
3 Avocados Pasta, White Bread
4 Eggs Rice
5 Chia Seeds Fruit-flavoured yoghurt
6 Beans Sweetened Breakfast Cereals
7 Greek Yoghurt Honey
8 Nuts Flavoured Coffee Drinks
9 Extra-virgin olive oil Packaged Snack Foods
10 Broccoli French Fries

Check the link to know more about food for diabetics.

When should you consult a doctor about diabetes prevention?

If you are more than 45 years old, obese or overweight, have a family history of diabetes, experience extreme fatigue, and more, it is essential to visit a doctor and get blood sugar screening done.

Appendix- Know more about the diagnostic tests done for diabetes

Questions to ask a doctor for diabetes management?

Seeking answers to specific questions can help in having better control over Diabetes Management.


Here are a few questions that can give you an insight into your problem. 

  • How frequently should I check my blood sugar levels?
  • Are there any side effects to the diabetes medications I am taking?
  • What are the signs to look for high blood sugar levels?
  • How do I know if my blood sugar levels are normal?

Answers to these questions will help you know more about your problem and manage it correctly.

Diabetes is a progressive disease and silently attacks various organs of our body. It is thus, better to focus on diabetes prevention as early as possible.

Visit Twin to know more about the proactive prevention steps that can be taken to help you avoid the problem for a long time or manage it better. 


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